Digital Transport and Logistics Platform

DTLP refers to a heterogeneous digital platform that integrates information resources of the participants of the international transport corridor and creates a data pipeline around them to digitize the business processes in the supply chain for multimodal freight transport, optimize the use of transport infrastructure and provide the package of information, analysis and management services.

The DTLP concept is based on a set of principles for building a regional network of national eLogistics platforms that can form a data pipeline along the transport corridors in the EU-EaEU regions and act as a Corridor as a Service (CaaS) solution.

It will serve the multimodal transport of goods by sea, rail, road and air. In addition, various projects are being carried out in the EU to develop and test infrastructure solutions for the digital transport corridors concept such as SELIS, AEOLIX, FENIX and FEDeRATED.

The EaEU countries are taking a similar approach by working towards national platforms in the countries. For example, in December 2017, the government of Belarus adopted the state concept for the development of a Belarusian logistics system, including the creation of the national digital logistics platform.

In order for the EaEU countries to move forward in line with the EU and ensure possible future interoperability of systems, the existing guidelines, best practices and EU General Directives should be followed when testing national platform solutions for cross-border multimodal logistics information exchange in the EaEU.

For this reason, the consortium has developed a concept for a Digital European-Eurasian Transport and Logistics Platform, or DTLP, to improve the effectiveness of multimodal transport in supply chains between the EU and EaEU countries in accordance with best practices and guidelines.

The objective is to develop a Digital Transport and Logistics Platform (DTLP) for the Digital Transport Corridor (DTC) of the European Union.

In the last decade, progress in the transport and logistics sector in the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union (EaEU) has been towards developing interoperability between standardized platforms and systems of different countries or participants in the supply chain to facilitate the digital exchange of logistical information and documents.

The Forum on "Digital Transport and Logistics for the EU" has developed basic design principles for the proposed solution for a federated network of platforms and is working on a regulation on electronic Freight Transport Information (eFTI), which will include common requirements for service providers and platforms as well as technical specifications.

These principles are expected to be published in 2022.

Alpha-prototype of the DTLP


STT - Gesellschaft für moderne Handelstechnologie
Hatrans Logistics
CCNS Transinet
Transrail BCH
TU Dresden
HavelExpress Logistik


Funding Sources

DSC Digital Supply Chain GmbH is supported by funding from the State of Brandenburg and the European Union.

Aim of the funding project: "The development of a prototype project of the DTLP".